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2021 goals

Last year I promised to share my 2020 goals, but it is almost April already and I still did not share anything. You might be worried if I am okay. Or maybe you feel relieved? A lot of people around me actually think I am being to strict for myself a lot of the times. I might cater to both your ways of worrying in this post...

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2020 best parts

It is becoming a personal tradition to thoroughly look back at my year and ahead to the next. A week from now I will have my first proper time off of the year which I am excited to spend on a thorough review of the year my goals but let us start with the fun stuff.

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Sustainable work

This latest crisis doesn't only give me a headache sometimes, it also gives me (a lot of) time to think. I have been walking around thinking about how I can make a difference.

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Crisis doubts

Should I cancel my new kitchen? Should I take any paid job that comes along? Should I move house? Is it fair that I receive welfare now? So many Corona questions.

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I started my company right when the last big economic crisis started. In 2008 my first and only big client froze all marketing budgets and I was out of work for a bit. Back then I was still on my student loan and that helped me get through it quite easily. While I'm still paying off that debt, another crisis is hitting us.

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2020 goals

In this post I’ll share a bit about my reflection approach, how I used it and what it brought me looking ahead to 2020.

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2019 favourite things

You already read how I have reflected on my 2019 goals. It has been a good year and I just want to share some of my personal favourite things of last year. Let's get this over with, people!

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