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My favourite things of 2019

You already read how I have reflected on my 2019 goals. It has been a good year and I just want to share some of my personal favourite things of last year. Let's get this over with, people!


I’ll kick off with the hardest choice. I read more books than I did in ages (or maybe ever), and because of that I also read a very varied collection of books.

I rediscovered fantasy. I loved Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy and N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy equally. It is lovely to just disappear in a totally different world.

I finally read the runner’s classic Born to Run and was really inspired to give barefoot running a try again. And I could keep naming many other books, like Shape Up.

Multiple renditions of the book Homo Deus
Book of my year

But I would say Homo Deus takes the cake. Because it is relatively easy to read (up until the last 100 pages maybe..) while Yuval Noah Harari gives you a mindblowing view on the possible future of human kind. It is amazing how he connects history, economics, technology, religion, biology and more into a comprehensive story.

Most importantly, he made me connect dots that I hadn’t before in a way that I find a lot hard to explain. If you want to get a glimpse into human kind, which way we might evolve and how you can prepare yourself for it, read Homo Deus.


Balthazar delivered the best album with Fever. Lana del Rey delivered the best song. Venice, bitch! It sounds a lot harsher than the song itself:


Yes, Joe Pesci shined bright like a creased, old diamond, but it’s not the Irishman. It might not be the most original choice. But hey, I’m a Tarantino fan this probably is his second to last film. 😭

Trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Brilliant & brutal, classy & classic. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes the prize!


I don’t play games that much anymore. Most games cannot keep my attention for too long, like this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Awesome production value, but in it’s essence a predictable game in a nostalgic packaging. I stopped playing the single player campaign right before the end.

Life is Strange 2 is a lovely, coming of age road trip adventure following two brothers who are running from the police after their dad died in a mysterious incident involving the younger brother.

Trailer for Life is Strange 2 (episode 2)

They released 5 separate episodes and every one is different. It’s beautifully understated, yet effective. Your actions have consequences, it often offers a different perspective on life or tiny parts of it and it dares to be human. I’m saving episode 5 for the upcoming holidays!


Waking Up is not just a pretty app. It’s a whole new level of learning about meditation, consciousness and more. Read a bit more about it, in my note on meditation.


This year was all about my renewed love for the Apple Watch. I bought the series 4, the one with the bigger screen, and I hadn’t expected to love it as much as I do.

Apple Watch Series 4 Space Grey
Apple Watch Series 4

The bigger screen makes it feel more like a proper, good looking and functional watch. It’s health features do not only make me stand up after sitting for too long, but also motivates me by keeping fit.

One feature, being able to compare your activity with friends, is actually a nice way to get competitive. I did 2 week long competitions with my brother, and I won. Twice. Better luck next time, bro!

Running shoe

I loved its looks and the engineering that went into the Nike Terra Kiger 5. I loved the promise of a more natural running style of the Vibram Five fingers. But in the end I had the best experience in the Altra Superior 3.5. It is comfortable (for the medium long distances), it is neutral, and it has got space for my super wide feet. A definite winner in 2019!

Looking down on red Altra Superior running shoes
Altra Superior 3.5 running shoes

Because of that and my ultra goal – and because the Ginger Runner tells me so – I’m looking forward to give the Altra Olympus a chance next year’s longer distances. 🤗


I drove the latest Porsche 911 and then some. But I think the Mercedes EQC was the b… Nah. I don’t. 😏

Bram posing in front of a Porsche Carrera 992 Carrera S
Me acting like I own this car 😬

The Porsche 992 Carrera S is a blast to drive, beautiful up to the last detail and just unmatched on it’s all-round high quality. It’s impressive how predictable Porsche is at being the best in this industry, like they are proving with building an impressive first Porsche Full Electric Vehicle too, with the Taycan.

Thanks for trusting me with all the cars I have driven for you, Rutger & Bright!

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