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Doubts during a crisis

When will this end? How badly will I get sick? And my friends & family? Should I cancel my new kitchen? And my yoga subscription? Should I take any paid job that comes along? Should I move house? Should I cancel the renovation? Is it fair that I receive welfare now? Should I sell my Airpods Pro?

I know the answer to that last one, and no I refuse to sell the house. But damn, it’s all a lot to figure out.

Living by the week

In week 1 I functionally panicked and radically cut my costs, and called in all available help to figure out my options.

I relaxed a bit in the second week and started to look for ways how to handle this. Like buying groceries in bulk (which I never really did as a spoiled Amsterdammer) and ordering more online.

After feeling like I needed to change everything for two weeks, in the third week I realised I am safe for now financially and I have some time left to figure it out.

Here in the Netherlands we’re in the fourth week of this crisis now and I am gaining back trust in myself, I have actually invested a bit in my home office and feel ready to face it.

Now what?

I am skilled, I am social and I am able to help people through times like this. I have a promising house and a great budget to make it beautiful.

I will have to generate some income sooner rather than later. And thoughout this spring and summer I will have to invest the rest of my energy in my house. It’s a lot, but I will take it by the day, week or month.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Keep going. ✊