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2019 goals

Since a few years I've been structurally setting myself goals for the shorter and longer term. In this post I will tell you a bit about how I set goals until now and I will reflect on what it brought me.

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I do yoga and I run. Next to that I've experimented with multiple methods of meditation. Since discovering Sam Harris's 'Waking Up' guided meditations, I belief I have found an entrance to exploring and expanding my mind.

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Book: Shape Up

I read 'Shape Up', Basecamp's latest book about doing software projects differently than we are used to. In this post I'll give you a summary, my take on it and at the end (SPOILER ALERT!) I'll tell you to go read it.

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Interview about trailrunning

We have triathletes, cyclists and Bram Willemse. Apparently he only runs! But he does mix up the Vondelpark with trailrunning. Which is something you can actually do in the Netherlands like he will explain. Bram went to Gulpen, Limburg to do the Koning van Spanje (KvS) trailrun.

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Applied User Story Mapping

Yesterday I attended a workshop my friend Folkert invited me to join. A workshop with a very long title, focused on product design. Since I'm working on this product idea (working title: travel notes), I guessed it might be fun to see how other's do it. Today I took a step back to the drawing board and tried the method evangelically proposed by AJ&Smart's JC himself. And I loved it!

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The concept

So you know by now I have a problem with taking travel notes and I want to fix it. But how you ask? It's gonna be great. It's gonna be the best travel app out there. Together we will make travel-note-taking great again. It's true!

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Travel Notes

Ever since my friend Stef introduced me to it, I've loved Workflowy. I use it to take notes of meetings, type out concepts and strike off todo lists. I don't always use it, because sometimes I feel like writing in IA Writer, Google Docs or just an old fashioned email. But of all of these apps I might love Workflowy most, because it fits my style.

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