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Curious what I am up to? On this page you can keep an eye on what is keeping me busy right now.

A tortoise cat curled up in someone's arms, looking at them softly.

On a more personal note, I have been grieving for my cat 'Eefje'. In a stroke of really bad luck, she died last December, only 2,5 years old, roaming her neighbourhood.

After she died many people in the neighourhood often share how much they missed and still miss her. She had no fear and was relentlessly curious. It's strange how much one can miss a tiny friend like that... 🥲

Keeping busy

  • After a break of a few months, starting the new year I started looking for a new freelance job as a product owner, manager, or in another role where I can put my experience to good use.
  • I have been running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi for a while now. It’s a great open source operating system for my smart home. It makes paid, cloud-based services like IFTTT a thing of my past. Great fun!
  • I am preparing to have my girlfriend move in with me. 💜 Enough DIY chores to do before she arrives!

Personal development

  • On a bi-weekly basis I am meeting up with my Mastermind group with 2 befriended colleagues. We help keep ourselves and each other accountable for our personal development goals and discuss themes we run into while doing so.
  • I am currently reading Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, The Culture Map by Erin Meyer, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, The Professional Product Owner by Don McGreal.

Keeping calm & fit

  • I started bouldering in 2021 and I love it. I try to do it twice a week and I’ve been climbing up until 6A levels.
  • I run. After spending most my energy in keeping calm through a crisis and a home renovation, I steadily crawled out of my running slump since 2020. No ambitious plans, but a healthy focus on getting fitter and fitter and running longer and longer distances. After some injuries and COVID (again) end of 2023, I aim to get in marathon form again and to run the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Trail (UHT) at least once. You can follow my progress on Strava.

This page was last updated on in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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