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Curious? On this page you can keep an eye on what is keeping me busy right now.

Keeping busy

  • I am building a campaign website for ‘DeGoedeZaak’ and their sister organisations. It’s all about a campaign against CETA. I am developing the website together with my friends and colleagues ‘Stef Thoen’ and ‘Sythe Veenje’. More soon!
  • I am building my home. Since January 23rd I am the proud owner of the apartment I had been renting the previous 3.5 years. I’ve moved to an apartment around the block and I am waiting for the contractor to finish construction before I can start building floors, walls and make it inhabitable again.
  • I write about my personal development, apps and hardware that I test and use, and other developments in my work. Right now I’m planning to write a small manifesto integrating a focus on sustainability into my work.
  • I volunteer at Vluchtelingenwerk [Dutch for “Refugee Work”]. Since November 2019 I have been helping them out as a ‘Wijkvrijwilliger’ [or ‘neighbourhood volunteer’]. It means every week or other week, I will hang out with a refugee buddy and help him find his way in Dutch daily life.

Improving my knowledge & skills

Keeping calm & fit

  • I run. I had a small injury, so I’ve started 2020 very calmly. Right now I’m focusing on form, with help from my physiotherapist. And I am picking up regular strength trainging too. I plan to run my first ultra marathon (later) this year, after failing this goal last year. You can follow my progress on Strava.
  • I start my days with a short yoga exercise and meditation. The yoga exercise consists of the 5 Tibetans, plus a few extra exercises from my physiotherapist. Following that I will do the daily meditation by Sam Harris in the Waking Up app. Through this link you can get 1 month of free access to the app, no strings attached.

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