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On this page you can keep tabs at where I'm at and what is keeping me busy right now.


  • I live & work in 📍 Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


  • I am looking for new projects. Preferably smaller websites that I can take on on my own, as a designer & developer, or in a small team.
  • In the meanwhile I will update my website. It is built with static site generator Hugo. I’m learning about how to optimise my usage of the system and slowly trying to update the site in design and features.
  • I am reading ‘How to take smart notes’ by Sönke Ahrens.
  • And I am writing. I am looking for some formats to regularly write notes and blogposts this year. I might resussitate my old ‘Apps die er toe doen’ [Apps that matter] and the Wolf Weekly (drawings) might join the ranks.


  • I am building my home. Since January 23rd I am the proud owner of the apartment I had been renting the previous 3.5 years. In the spring of 2020 I will be doing a full blown renovation.
  • I am a volunteer for Vluchtelingenwerk. Since november I am helping them out as a ‘Wijkvrijwilliger’ [or ‘neighbourhood volunteer’]. It means every week or other week, I’ll hang out with a refugee buddy and help him find his way in Dutch society.
  • I run. I had a small injury, so I started 2020 very calmly. But I plan to run my first ultra marathon (later) this year, after failing this goal last year. You can follow my progress on Strava.
  • I am reading ‘De meeste mensen deugen’ by Rutger Bregman and Wind/Pinball by Murakami.

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