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Curious? On this page you can keep an eye on what is keeping me busy right now.

Keeping busy

  • On July, 1st I started at FedEx as a front-end developer. I will be helping them out within my holy triangle of front-end development, design thinking and teamwork. And I am looking forward to some time off around Christmas and New Year’s. First time off in 2020!
  • I have moved back into my home. Since January 23rd I have been the proud owner of the apartment I had been renting the previous 3,5 years. Now, after a seven month renovation, I have moved back in. There is still enough to do, but for now I will enjoy the spoils of a new home and not having to share a living space with anyone.
  • I am reading The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism by Kyle Chayka. An interesting read about the history of minimalism. What it was, is and could be. I am reading it as part of one of my year goals about reducing clutter in my life.

Personal development

  • Bi-weekly I am meeting up with my Mastermind group with three friends. We help keep ourselves and each other accountable for our personal development goals and discuss themes we run into while doing so.
  • I am not drawing many wolves right now. This is a random idea I had at the start of the year and now I am trying to every week draw a wolf. To get better at drawing and to get to know an animal and my fascination for it. You can see my drawings on Flickr. I will just do it when I feel like it.

Keeping calm & fit

  • I start my days with a short yoga exercise and meditation. The yoga exercise consists of the 5 Tibetans, plus a few extra exercises from my physiotherapist. Following that I will do the daily meditation by Sam Harris in the Waking Up app. Through this link you can get 1 month of free access to the app, no strings attached.
  • I run. I had a small injury, so I’ve started 2020 very calmly. I plan to run my first ultra marathon (later) this year or in 2021, after failing this goal last year. But since most of my energy goes into my home renovation I can’t properly build up a serious training schedule I need to run marathons again. You can follow my progress on Strava.

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