Developing high quality, custom built websites, Bram strives to develop a website empowering the message to and interaction with your audience, performs as the best and keeps working for years to come.

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I am an entrepreneurial, all round web developer with more than 10 years of experience. My main interests lay in user experience & interface design and front-end development. I like to work agile, not being afraid to play a leading role. I’m a do’er, critical and inquisitive.

My HTML and CSS are of high quality. Javascript (and toolsets like jQuery, React or Vue) do not scare me either. I’m experienced with tools like Sass, Gulp and Git. I love methods like Jonathan Snook’s SMACSS or Harry Roberts’s BEM and love to focus on general browser performance.


Waternet (2016 – now)
After taking a half year travel break, I’ve been working for the local water company (in service of TamTam, part of Dept) in a scrum team developing the newly released company website with a heavy focus on accessibility and improving the freshly developed website based on user feedback and test data.

Kamer van Koophandel (2014-2015)
Hired by digital agency TamTam (part of Dept) I worked at the Dutch chamber of commerce as lead front end developer and (periodically) as scrum master. We performed maintenance and developed new features for My responsibilities were mainly in front end architecture, the transformation to a fully responsive website and determining guidelines for the front end developers.

Henneman Agency (2015 – now)
Together with The Stone Twins I developed a brand new website for Henneman Agency. It’s responsive and focused on presenting all the unique faces of this family of actors, actresses, directors, writers and more talents.

Goudsteen Company (2014 – now)
Albert Goldsteen asked me to develop a responsive website based on the existing corporate identity. It’s goal is to present and share their services, team and knowledge with the world.

The Webcare Company (2013-2015)
A fully responsive, high-end, custom built WordPress website for an innovative webcare company.

Fast Moving Targets (2013-2014)
In 2013 I performed a much needed update on the Fast Moving Targets website. I focused on cleaning up, readability and a responsive design (optimised for display on smaller screens).

Paramedics (2012-2014)
For sports and rehabilitation centre Paramedics I developed a custom, responsive website. The biggest challenge was presenting a large amount of information to visitors in a comprehensible way and make it easy to easily get in touch with the company.

Een Veilig Nest (2011-2012)
In 2011 I developed a website for the ladies of Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF). It’s the a WordPress-website with a lot of content about how to create a safe, responsible ‘nest’ for your young child. In 2012 a lovely visual update followed.

De Ondernemers (2010-2011)
In 2010 I did an internship at De Ondernemers (‘The Entrepreneurs’). I helped developing a marketing plan and an innovative direct mailing-campaign for the official Porsche Center Groningen and we worked on the first concepts of Profitbird, a location based advertising app. I later also developed their website.


Communicatiesystemen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen (2005-2010)
I graduated in 2010, with a specialisation in brand  & design management.

VWO, Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Vincent van Gogh (1997-2004)
Profile: Culture & Society.